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America! FUCK YEAH! - Prelude, I hate thee so much.
:icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 1 9
The Match Of The Night! - Prelude was a fucking asshole. So here  you go folks.
:icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 4 35
Mature content
The Professionals Of What They Do - Fight (Part 2) :icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 2 28
Mature content
The Professionals Of What They Do - Fight (Part 1) :icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 2 110
For a Friend. by DracoSparda26 For a Friend. :icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 5 15
The Professionals Of What They Do - Preview

Draco: "Alright the combatants are set."
Zeke: "It's time for a Death Battle!!!"
"Ugh! I'm so bored!" Scout complained as he was lying on the couch bored out of his mind. He wasn't the one. The Red Team had nothing to do, but do their standard hobbies because the enemy team hadn't made an attack for days now.
Demo was sipping his booze.
Medic was working on one of his crazy science experiments
Heavy was cleaning Sasha
Sniper was looking through his scope.
Soldier was a giving a lecture that no one was listening to.
And Pyro?
God knows what goes inside his twisted head.
The alarm went off from some unknown invader barging through the RED base searching for something that clearly didn't belong to the mercs, this was Doomguy the Bane of Hell itself the reason he was here? It was because the Mercs were harboring demonic artifacts which they knew no
:icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 2 224
Haircut and shave by DracoSparda26 Haircut and shave :icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 1 43
RP Bio: Draco Sparda

Draco Sparda
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Weight: 210lbs
Height: 6'2
Species: Anthropamorphic Cat/Demon/Angel hybrid
Skills/Hobbies: Brawling, cooking, music,
weapon collecting
Special abilities: Pyrokinesis and Electrokinesis
Forms: Draco has two forms that he can access through his demon heritage
that greatly increase his physical strength, speed and durability

The Devil Trigger and The Majin Trigger
Strength: Can regularly punch through solid steel, brick, and
lift over one-thousand tons
Speed: Regularly avoids bullets, demonic energy blasts, arrows,
can react accordingly to lighting even
Durability: Regularly survives impalement, being harmed by demons,
and physical punishment is nothing to him
Intelligence: Draco's not exactly the smartest guy but he's very knowing of
demons, weapons and technology
Personality: Draco's a fun loving, fli
:icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 5 29
Do You Dig Giant Robots - Fight

Draco: "Alright the combatants are set."
Jersey, 4:30 PM

It was a usual day for the crew of MEGAS, beating up giant monsters in the city of Jersey while the pilot of MEGAS a young man in what appeared to be his 20's was enjoying a chilidog and extra large soda after beating up the chump "Yeah, how'd ya like that!" chuckled Coop as he dusted his hands with a proud smirk, then a woman with red hair sighed "Coop, I've been sensing some strange reports in the area about another robot causing damage." this was the voice of Kiva telling Coop what to do as usual
"Well let's go check it out then!" said Coop flying off in MEGAS, then Coop's best friend Jamie spoke up saying "Coop, are you sure we should check out what's going on? It could get us killed!" then Coop thought for a moment still flying "Who cares? Let's do this!"
Roger was walking around the ci
:icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 10 10
Do You Dig Giant Robots - Preview

Draco: "Alright the combatants are set."
Jersey, 4:30 PM

It was a usual day for the crew of MEGAS, beating up giant monsters in the city of Jersey while the pilot of MEGAS a young man in what appeared to be his 20's was enjoying a chilidog and extra large soda after beating up the chump "Yeah, how'd ya like that!" chuckled Coop as he dusted his hands with a proud smirk, then a woman with red hair sighed "Coop, I've been sensing some strange reports in the area about another robot causing damage." this was the voice of Kiva telling Coop what to do as usual
"Well let's go check it out then!" said Coop flying off in MEGAS, then Coop's best friend Jamie spoke up saying "Coop, are you sure we should check out what's going on? It could get us killed!" then Coop thought for a moment still flying "Who cares? Let's do this!"
Roger was walking around the ci
:icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 1 0
Do You Dig Giant Robots - Prelude

Draco: "What is it about robots that hype us so much?
Is it some form of hubris that we are recreating our own image or is it some driving intellectual curiosity that has us examining our humanity through another medium?"
Zeke: "But more importantly, why are giant robots so f**king awesome?"
Zeke: "Well the last question was easy to answer."
Draco: "And here on Death Battle, there's undoubtedly been no shortage of giant robots, but surprisingly few fights with them. Tonight, we rectify that with two of the most badass robots in animation!"
Zeke: "The Megas XLR, the defender of Earth...and New Jersey."
Draco: "And the Big O, the defender of Paradigm City."
Zeke: "And for a first for us, we have guest hosts in the booth with us!"
Johnny Zealous: "Greetings, I'm Johnny Zealous, the Internet's Greatest Salesman."
Lucas Zaboot: "and I'm Lucas Zaboot, and ya'll can go f*ck a gahbage disposal."
Draco: "Woah! Where'd this hostility come from?"
Lucas Zaboot:
:icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 7 14
Mature content
The Boss Runs DEATH BATTLE! :icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 6 29
DracoSparda26 Slays Death Battle!

Name: Draco Sparda
First Appearance: Deviantart (2016)
Species: Cat/Nephilim Hybrid
Height: 6'2
Weight: 220 pounds
Age: 28
Aliases: The Grandson of Sparda, Drakey
Occupation: Demon Hunter/Leader of The Astral Slayers

Bio: Draco Sparda descended from the Dark Knight Sparda who gave birth to Dante Sparda which led to Draco's birth with an unknown mother, (and yes I know that sounds cheesy but hey I'm trying here.) Since Dante couldn't take care of Draco he was sent to a training camp for the sons and daughters for legendary warriors, Draco inherited his father's cocky attitude and personality and at age 14 started traveling doing jobs to fight demons for money, soon figuring out about his hidden Demon and Angel sides. 13 years later Draco had gained his weapons from fighting demons, powers from training them and now he's running the Astral Slayers a team who fight supernatural threats for money, fam
:icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 7 151
Still trying to figure this out..
:icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 0 0
Medizard Is Cool In Death Battle!

First Appearance: The Wizard Of Ice / TF2 Freakshow Wiki
Species: Human

Occupation: Protecting the Glacier
Classification: Ice Wizard
- Is an accomplished Ice Wizard
-Defeated freaks like FaG Scout, Cybor Medic and many more dangerous foes
- A very powerful Ice-Wizard
- Able to hold his own against many freaks of different natures
Physicality & Mentality
-Able to swing his ice-claymore with ease and damage fire based freaks
-Can hold his own against powerful freaks
-Able to fight off Razor a sniper freak who's weapons are hardened like Steel
Speed & Reflexes
- Can avoid attacks from Cybor Medic and Cybor Spy who both control Australium weaponry
-Can avoid sound-based attacks from Shriek
-Can avoid attacks from Razor who's proficient in killing and assassination
Durability & Stamina
-Can take hits from people like Piss Cakehole wh
:icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 3 4
Draco's Halloween Costume by Pizza by DracoSparda26 Draco's Halloween Costume by Pizza :icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 1 0


Sir Arthur slays the competition... Twice!
(NOTE: There are a few calculations in this bio. Rather than interrupting the flow of the bio by posting them within the actual bio, they will be linked in the description!)

Real Name: Arthur
Aliases: Knight Arthur, Knight, Sir Arthur, Silver Knight, King Arthur
Debut: Ghosts N' Goblins (1985)
Height: Varies; Is usually the tallest character in GnG games/One of the largest in PxZ, and is 210 cm (6.88 feet) in Cannon Spike, while other crossover games portray him as a midget.
Weight: Unknown
Age: 28 years old
-To save his beloved Princess Prin-Prin, he has gone through the Demon Realm and has defeated....
 -Lucifer (AKA Loki)
 -The Demon Emperor Samael
-Goes to hell and back twice per game, with him cutting through the Demon World in bot
:iconzacmariozero:Zacmariozero 21 14
Jack Cooper braces for Titanfall in DEATH BATTLE!

First Appearance: Titanfall 2 (28th of October 2016)
Full/Real Name: Jack Cooper
AKA: Coop
Height: 5'8 (173 cm)
Weight: 185 lbs. (89 kg)
Age: Mid to Late 20s
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Place of Birth: Earth, presumably the U.S.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Affiliation: Frontier Militia, Special Recon Squadron
Occupation: Formerly Rifleman, currently Pilot

The year is 2087. Humans have colonized some of the Universe and technology has evolved - fro
:icondeathbattledino:DeathBattleDino 15 19
Neku Sakuraba is psyched up for a DEATH BATTLE !!!

Fuck yeah ! Look at me, I'm so badass because I wear headphones !
-Name : Neku Sakuraba
-Age : 15
-Classification : A player in the Reaper's game
-Born & Raised in Shibuya
-Fan of CAT's graffiti
-Skillful player of Tin Pin
-Is the Composer's proxy
-Wielder of a strong imagination and skilled at psychs
-Good at mental math ?

True story.
-Played by dead people in order to be judged if they deserve a second chance in life
-All who fail are entirely erased from existance
-The game is played in the UG (Underground), a parallel dimension of the RG (Realground)
-Neku's strength, speed and powers are activated only when he engages in battle
-Battles are engaged in an alternate dimension of the UG
-All damage done to the battlefields of the alternate dimension is fixed after the battle ends
-Neku's deck limitations and necessity of wearing pins for psychs are gameplay mechanics

Neku doesn't really need
:iconfastsword88:Fastsword88 12 12
The Scotsman Insults Death Battle!

The Scotsman
First Appearance: Samurai Jack and the Scotsman
-Was considered
"most wanted man on the planet" in Aku's future until Samurai Jack came around
-Is one of the few people who can fight on par with Samurai Jack
-Teamed up with Samurai Jack to escape some bounty hunters and became friends with him
-Helped Jack regain his memories and free the prisoners from the Sirens who hypnotized them
-In elder years, led his clan and army of daughters to assault Aku's fortress
-Sacrificed himself to buy his forces time to escape from Aku
-Came back as a ghost after Aku killed him
-Went to Jack's rescue and fought Aku along with the other reinforcements

-Consistently shown to be a match, if not stronger than Jack, who created a shockwave that destroyed a forest when he clashed with his evil self
-Carves a hole in a metal wall
-Destroy several robot alligators with hea
:icondynamo1212:Dynamo1212 42 7
Senator Armstrong Pummels Death Battle!

Steven Armstrong
AKA: Armstrong
Age: 40
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 500 lbs
First Appearance: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (2013)

-Was in the University of Texas and could have been a star football player
-Joined the navy after graduating from college
-Defeated Jetstream Sam and made him work for him
-Was the ultimate backer of Desperado and their conflicts
-Developed a plan that would lead to him becoming the President of the United States
-Managed to get Raiden to unintentionally help his plans
-Easily defeated Blade Wolf
-Fought and almost defeated Raiden


-Possible the strongest character in the Metal Gear series
-Tackles Raiden and manhandles him with no problem
-Easily cracked and destroyed Raiden's visor
-Threw Raiden in the air and kicked him away with ease
-Overpowered Raiden, who tossed Metal Gear Rays and Metal Gear Excelsus
:icondynamo1212:Dynamo1212 34 34
KABOOOOM! The Demoman blows up Death Battle!

The Demoman:
-First Appearance: Team Fortress 2 (2007)
-Real Name: Tavish Finnegan DeGroot
-Age: 38
-Height: 6'00"
-Weight: 179 lbs
-Occupation: Demoman, Mercenary, Bomb Maker, House Cleaner
-Affiliation: Reliable Excavation Demolition (RED), Mann Co.
-Theme Song:

-One of the three Defense classes on the RED Team, the other two being the Heavy and Engineer
-Blew up his first set of adoptive parents on accident with a plan to kill the Loch Ness Monster
-Has been skilled in making bombs and explosives ever since his youth
-Survived having his left eye possessed and taken by the Bombinomicon
-In Meet the Demoman, wiped out a good majority of the BLU Team with a massive stickybomb trap
-Has assisted his team in various different battles against the BLU Team
-Has assisted his team in the battle between Mann Co. a
:iconmr-nooblette:Mr-Nooblette 20 1
Link (BOTW) Awakens on Death Battle!

Name: Link
Age: Probably 16 or 17
Occupation: Hylian Champion
-Was asleep for 100 years
- Was one of Hyrule's Champion and personal friend of Princess Zelda
- Game itself has earned a lot of appraise
- Despite having amnesia is still a capable fighter fending off monsters on his own
- Capable of surviving the Red Moon where slain monsters are reborn again
- Fought off the Yiga Clan and defeated their leader Kohga, people dedicated their on killing him
- Helped build a town
- Eventually regained his memories
- Was once the love interest of Mipha, Princess of the Zora
- Capable of slaying Lynel's, fearsome monsters have lived in Hyrule since ancient times
- Eventually regained the Master Sword
- Defeated the Divine Beasts and helped them break free of Calamity Ganon's control
- Defeated Calamity Ganon and restored peace to Hyrule 
- Can carry large amounts of equipment just fine
- Can push boulders
:iconallcreation104:allcreation104 17 11
Jimmy Hopkins Bullies DEATH BATTLE
First Appearance: Bully
Age: 15
Occupation: Bullworth Student

- Was forced to go to Bullworth by his mother and stepdad
- Beat down a bully on his first day
- Befriended Gary and Pete
- Toured the school with Gary
- Earned a kiss from Eunice Pound
- Chased, caught, and defeated Davis while also dealing with other bullies
-Took Davis’s slingshot
- Helped Algernon get to his locker (and the bathroom) safely
- Found a transistor for the hobo
- Saved Bucky from the bullies
- helped get Becky's notes back
- got Becky’s diary back
- Protected Earnest while he was giving his speech
- Got Melvin his sheets back
- Defeated Russell and stopped from bullying
- Did errands for Edna
- Helped Pinky get into a movie
- Went on a Carnival date with Pinky
- Beat the preppies in a bike ride
- Got his trophy
:iconmajin123:majin123 16 47
Talon infiltrates DEATH BATTLE!

First Appearance: Overwatch (Game)
Age: Not sure, but they were around at Uprising
Known Members: Reaper (mercenary), Sombra (hacker), Widowmaker (assassin), Hakim
Have one of the smartest henchmen

-Successfully kidnapped and brainwashed Amélie Lacroix into killing her husband and becoming Widowmaker, along with her  joining them
-Successfully assassinated Mondatta
-Technically, would've assassinated a Russian leader if Sombra followed the mission
-Nearly hacked Winston's computer (or maybe Athena) to retrieve information on Overwatch members
-Most likely bombed Overwatch's Swiss headquarters
-Almost retrieved the Doomfist gauntlet if it weren't some random kid
-Almost retrieved a powerful item if McCree wasn't on the same train as them
 --However, McCree did supposedly "give it" to them

:iconzoomdooge123:Zoomdooge123 5 14
Triborg Re-establishes the Cyber Lin Kuei in DB!!!

-First Appearance: Mortal Kombat X
-Age: Unknown 
-Height: Unknown 
-Weight: Unknown 
-Most badass character in MKX

-Is a far more advanced cyborg model than those of the original Cyber Initiative 
-Bears the memories and experiences of the four Lin Kuei cyborgs (Sektor, Cyrax, Smoke, and Cyber Sub-Zero) 
-Upon awakening, killed all the Special Forces members guarding it with ease 
-In its MKX Ending, destroys a chunk of the Special Forces army and using their technology, creates a clan of cyborg ninjas known as the Tekunin 
--Along with this killed Sonya Blade, Cassie Cage, and maybe Johnny cage

-Small Town level strength
-Should be as strong as Cyrax and Sektor, who can rip off limbs
--Possibly higher since he has the strength of Smoke and Sub-Zero
:icontrident346:Trident346 19 7
Hiei burns the competition to ash in Death Battle!

Aliases: Hiei Jaganshi, Imiko
Species: Demon
Classification: S-Class Demon
Height: 4'11
Weight: 105 lbs.
After getting degraded to a D-Class Demon, rose back up to S-Class status
Can hold his own against Yusuke
Killed Seryu the Blue Dragon by slicing him sixteen times before he could throw a punch
-Seryu can throw a hundred punches in one second
Fought and defeated over a hundred A-Class Demons
Killed Zeru in one shot with Dragon of the Darkness Flame
Gained control over the Dragon of the Darkness Flame
Defeated powerful foes like Bui, Momotaro Kuro, and Kaname
Killed 500 A-Class Demons by himself
Trained with Mukuro

Superhuman Strength
-Stopped and destroyed a giant axe with his bare hands
-Destroyed stone with ease
-Helped lift a giant pillar
-Sliced off Shigure's head
-Can break armor stronger than diamonds
-Heavily damaged Kuro
-Went up against Yusuke
:iconyellowflash1234:YellowFlash1234 23 30
Kurtis Stryker shows Death Battle who's top cop!

Kurtis Stryker
First Appearance: Mortal Kombat 3
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
    - The protector of New York City
    - Defeated Reptile, Kintaro, Mileena, and Ermac in the new timeline
    - Regularly catches and arrests robbers, thugs, terrorists, and criminals
    - Saves and rescues civilians from danger daily
    - Known as a veritable one-man SWAT team

Enhanced Strength:
    - Can shatter bones with his flashlight, baton, or even his fists
    - Defeated the massive shokan Kintaro
Enhanced Speed & Reflexes:
    - Kept up with the bullet-timing Reptile in combat as well as the fast genetic clone Mileena and teleporting-telekinetic Ermac
Enhanced Durability:
    - Can take strikes from Kintaro and Reptile, forceballs and telekinetic sl
:iconthetruth40:thetruth40 8 6
Needles Kane Sets Death Battle Ablaze!

Marcus "Needles" Kane
AKA: Needles Kane, Sweet Tooth 
Age: 42
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 185 lbs
Occupation: Serial Killer, Formerly Ice Cream Vendor 
Body Count: 1,000+ 
Has killed an untold amount of innocent people in gruesome, horrific manners
-Among notable figures he's killed are the original driver of Spectre and the wife of Twisted Metal competitor, Axel 
Won the Twisted Metal Tournament several times
-In the process, killed numerous innocents and rival racers, and caused untold amounts in property damage 
In Twisted Metal 1, successfully got his wish granted to save his best friend...Crazy Harold, the Wacky Lunch Sack
-Even Calypso was just as baffled
In Twisted Metal 2, successfully got his wish to  become a monstrous insect in a garden in the countryside, happily killing and tormenting the other insects for the rest of his life
In Twisted Metal 3, successfully got his wish to eat all the candy and ice crea
:iconmadnessabe:MadnessAbe 45 11
Wolverine slices onto a Death Battle!

First Appearance: The Incredible Hulk #181 (November 1974)

Full Name: James Howlett
AKA: Logan, Weapon X, Patch, Death.
Age: Late 30's physically but has lived over a hundred years.
Height: 5'3
Weight: 300 lbs. (136.1 kg) (with Adamantium skeleton)
Attack Potency: Should be around Multi City Block to Town level while his claws have damaged Large Planet to even higher beings.

"I'm the best at what I do but what I do.. isn't very nice."

One of the X-Men's finest.
Survived the hellacious Weapon X Program.
Has went fisticuffs with a demon possessed grizzly and won.
Once survived for six months under a glacier by eating strips of his own arms.
Gets one shotted into space and survives the experience.
Snaps the neck of an attacking dinosaur.....WITH HIS HANDS.
Climbed a mountain with a moose on his shoulder.<
:icongrinderkiller1:grinderkiller1 47 40
PC Principal Checks DEATH BATTLE's Privilege!

PC Principal
Real Name: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Affiliations: PC Delta, South Park Elementary
South Park Elementary Principal, PC Delta Fraternity Leader, Ad Blocker

Leader of PC Delta Fraternity
Has actually committed lots of crimes and is somehow still a free man
-Including Assault, Terrorism and Hazing
Became the new principal of the South Park Elementary
Somehow able to give teachers multiple days of detention
Beat the shit out of Eric Cartman 
-Even broke him mentally for a short time
Killed several ads disguised as Russians
Killed Leslie Meyers
Was intended to be killed off rather soon, but was liked so much that he stayed until now
Skills & Abilities
Cartman had to be hospitalized after a vicious beatdown 
Dented a bathroom stall by slamming Cartman against it
Smashed a sink off a wall 
Breaks bones with ease
Stomped on an ad's head, crushing it
Snapped a
:iconsilverjenkins:SilverJenkins 17 22
Peter Griffin makes DEATH BATTLE laugh and cry
Peter Griffin

Mid Forties
Born in Mexico
Occupation(s): Toy maker, Fisherman, Salad Bar guard, Receptionist, Health Coach, Nanny, Quaterback for the New England Patriots, Knight, Brewery Worker, Ghost Buster, Han Solo etc.
Family has been: the inventor of the wheel, Moses, King Arthur the true founder of Quahog, a Runaway Slave, a literal cockfighter (a midget who fought roosters), Actors, Boxers, Hitler’s brother, etc.
Befriended God, Jesus, Death, Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Michael Eisner, Cherl Tates
Lost a fight against Liam Neeson (badly)
One ancestor assisted in the creation of Bugs Bunny

Numerous handguns

Sniper Rifle

Double Barreled Shotgun



:iconhakuxtemari:hakuxtemari 35 21



America! FUCK YEAH! - Prelude
The Boss bio belongs to me
The Senator Armstrong bio belongs to :icondynamo1212:
112 deviations was a fucking asshole. So here  you go folks.
Rest in peace Adam West.
We shall never forget you as Batman.
So as many of you know, this dude called :iconlordimpossible: is pretending to be me and trolling everyone of my friends, so you may be saying "This guy's gonna give a half-assed attempt to apologize". No you're wrong, in fact I'm gonna try my best to defend myself in any way, shape or form so please if you can lend me your ears and listen I would appreciate that.

So, who is LordImpossible you may be asking yourself? Well this guy is going around and trolling people claiming to be me, saying he wants to take over the Death Battle community and calls himself a god. Fucking pathetic right? Now you can go on and on about the many reasons of to why I would possibly be wrong, but this shithead who claims to be a god is slandering my name and is out to destroy any relationship with friends. So if you are willing to talk things out, please listen my friends I am just a simple writer trying to improve himself in this community.

I appreciate you those who stuck by my side and listened to what I have to say and defend myself with. Have a good day all of you, and be on the look out for :iconlordimpossible: I wish all of you the best of luck in your lives and or careers in Death Battle writing.


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