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Mature content
The Professionals Of What They Do - Fight (Part 2) :icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 2 28
Mature content
The Professionals Of What They Do - Fight (Part 1) :icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 2 110
For a Friend. by DracoSparda26 For a Friend. :icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 4 15
The Professionals Of What They Do - Preview

Draco: "Alright the combatants are set."
Zeke: "It's time for a Death Battle!!!"
"Ugh! I'm so bored!" Scout complained as he was lying on the couch bored out of his mind. He wasn't the one. The Red Team had nothing to do, but do their standard hobbies because the enemy team hadn't made an attack for days now.
Demo was sipping his booze.
Medic was working on one of his crazy science experiments
Heavy was cleaning Sasha
Sniper was looking through his scope.
Soldier was a giving a lecture that no one was listening to.
And Pyro?
God knows what goes inside his twisted head.
The alarm went off from some unknown invader barging through the RED base searching for something that clearly didn't belong to the mercs, this was Doomguy the Bane of Hell itself the reason he was here? It was because the Mercs were harboring demonic artifacts which they knew no
:icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 2 3
Haircut and shave by DracoSparda26 Haircut and shave :icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 1 43
RP Bio: Draco Sparda

Draco Sparda
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Weight: 210lbs
Height: 6'2
Species: Anthropamorphic Cat/Demon/Angel hybrid
Skills/Hobbies: Brawling, cooking, music,
weapon collecting
Special abilities: Pyrokinesis and Electrokinesis
Forms: Draco has two forms that he can access through his demon heritage
that greatly increase his physical strength, speed and durability

The Devil Trigger and The Majin Trigger
Strength: Can regularly punch through solid steel, brick, and
lift over one-thousand tons
Speed: Regularly avoids bullets, demonic energy blasts, arrows,
can react accordingly to lighting even
Durability: Regularly survives impalement, being harmed by demons,
and physical punishment is nothing to him
Intelligence: Draco's not exactly the smartest guy but he's very knowing of
demons, weapons and technology
Personality: Draco's a fun loving, fli
:icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 4 29
Do You Dig Giant Robots - Fight

Draco: "Alright the combatants are set."
Jersey, 4:30 PM

It was a usual day for the crew of MEGAS, beating up giant monsters in the city of Jersey while the pilot of MEGAS a young man in what appeared to be his 20's was enjoying a chilidog and extra large soda after beating up the chump "Yeah, how'd ya like that!" chuckled Coop as he dusted his hands with a proud smirk, then a woman with red hair sighed "Coop, I've been sensing some strange reports in the area about another robot causing damage." this was the voice of Kiva telling Coop what to do as usual
"Well let's go check it out then!" said Coop flying off in MEGAS, then Coop's best friend Jamie spoke up saying "Coop, are you sure we should check out what's going on? It could get us killed!" then Coop thought for a moment still flying "Who cares? Let's do this!"
Roger was walking around the ci
:icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 8 10
Do You Dig Giant Robots - Preview

Draco: "Alright the combatants are set."
Jersey, 4:30 PM

It was a usual day for the crew of MEGAS, beating up giant monsters in the city of Jersey while the pilot of MEGAS a young man in what appeared to be his 20's was enjoying a chilidog and extra large soda after beating up the chump "Yeah, how'd ya like that!" chuckled Coop as he dusted his hands with a proud smirk, then a woman with red hair sighed "Coop, I've been sensing some strange reports in the area about another robot causing damage." this was the voice of Kiva telling Coop what to do as usual
"Well let's go check it out then!" said Coop flying off in MEGAS, then Coop's best friend Jamie spoke up saying "Coop, are you sure we should check out what's going on? It could get us killed!" then Coop thought for a moment still flying "Who cares? Let's do this!"
Roger was walking around the ci
:icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 1 0
Do You Dig Giant Robots - Prelude

Draco: "What is it about robots that hype us so much?
Is it some form of hubris that we are recreating our own image or is it some driving intellectual curiosity that has us examining our humanity through another medium?"
Zeke: "But more importantly, why are giant robots so f**king awesome?"
Zeke: "Well the last question was easy to answer."
Draco: "And here on Death Battle, there's undoubtedly been no shortage of giant robots, but surprisingly few fights with them. Tonight, we rectify that with two of the most badass robots in animation!"
Zeke: "The Megas XLR, the defender of Earth...and New Jersey."
Draco: "And the Big O, the defender of Paradigm City."
Zeke: "And for a first for us, we have guest hosts in the booth with us!"
Johnny Zealous: "Greetings, I'm Johnny Zealous, the Internet's Greatest Salesman."
Lucas Zaboot: "and I'm Lucas Zaboot, and ya'll can go f*ck a gahbage disposal."
Draco: "Woah! Where'd this hostility come from?"
Lucas Zaboot:
:icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 5 14
Mature content
The Boss Runs DEATH BATTLE! :icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 6 19
DracoSparda26 Slays Death Battle!

Name: Draco Sparda
First Appearance: Deviantart (2016)
Species: Cat/Nephilim Hybrid
Height: 6'2
Weight: 220 pounds
Age: 27
Aliases: The Grandson of Sparda, Drakey
Occupation: Demon Hunter/Leader of The Astral Slayers

Bio: Draco Sparda descended from the Dark Knight Sparda who gave birth to Dante Sparda which led to Draco's birth with an unknown mother, (and yes I know that sounds cheesy but hey I'm trying here.) Since Dante couldn't take care of Draco he was sent to a training camp for the sons and daughters for legendary warriors, Draco inherited his father's cocky attitude and personality and at age 14 started traveling doing jobs to fight demons for money, soon figuring out about his hidden Demon and Angel sides. 13 years later Draco had gained his weapons from fighting demons, powers from training them and now he's running the Astral Slayers a team who fight supernatural threats for money, fa
:icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 7 115
Still trying to figure this out..
:icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 0 0
Medizard Is Cool In Death Battle!

First Appearance: The Wizard Of Ice / TF2 Freakshow Wiki
Species: Human

Occupation: Protecting the Glacier
Classification: Ice Wizard
- Is an accomplished Ice Wizard
-Defeated freaks like FaG Scout, Cybor Medic and many more dangerous foes
- A very powerful Ice-Wizard
- Able to hold his own against many freaks of different natures
Physicality & Mentality
-Able to swing his ice-claymore with ease and damage fire based freaks
-Can hold his own against powerful freaks
-Able to fight off Razor a sniper freak who's weapons are hardened like Steel
Speed & Reflexes
- Can avoid attacks from Cybor Medic and Cybor Spy who both control Australium weaponry
-Can avoid sound-based attacks from Shriek
-Can avoid attacks from Razor who's proficient in killing and assassination
Durability & Stamina
-Can take hits from people like Piss Cakehole wh
:icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 2 4
Draco's Halloween Costume by Pizza by DracoSparda26 Draco's Halloween Costume by Pizza :icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 1 0
So, what exactly is friendship? Is it just some meaning to us as human beings or is it something that means something else to us?
Is friendship a meaningless thing?
Is it a bad thing?
Is it a good thing?
Do you like friendship?
Well, I'll leave you to decide that once and for all.
What does friendship mean to you? To all of you?
:icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 1 0
Sunny Day by DracoSparda26 Sunny Day :icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 0 0


Clyde Blackburn soars the skies of Death Battle!!!

Clyde Blackburn:

Alias: The Knight of the Sky; George Rackham (Stolen identity)
Born: 1889
Died: Unknown
Age: 28
Race/Nationality: American (Caucasian)
Conflict Served: World War I
Occupation: Pilot; Gambler
Affiliation: British Royal Flying Corps (Volunteer)
Theme Song:

Blackburn's Journal:

To whoever took the time to read...
My name's Clyde Blackburn. I'm a pilot, I'm a gambler, and I'm a stand-up kind of guy. Chances are you haven't heard about me, but if you did, you'd probably know that I have a reputation as a lying, no-good bastard who cheated his way into a pilot's seat. Well, you wouldn't be wrong, per se. But in war, facts get cloudy, stories change, and deeds become exaggerations or outright lies. Allow me to share you what really happened during my flying days for the Royal Air Corps in 1917.
The proud nations of Europe were blowing each
:iconpepper527:Pepper527 5 5
Jonny Atma shreds into Death Battle!

Name/Aliases: Jonny Atma, GaMetal Guy
Species: Human
Occupation: Musician
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Age: 29 (as of March 2017)
Birthday: July 1st
Origin: GaMetal
Killed Ultimecia in her Time Compression Form
One-shot Dark Bowser
One-shot the Dark Star Core
Caused Hitler's skull to explode by listening to his music for less than five seconds
Caused King Hippo's stomach to explode by listening to his music
Destroyed Deoxys's meteor
Swept through an entire level of Super Mario Bros 2
Overcame a copyright suit that destroyed his original career
Battled Ken Masters
Battled Isaac from Golden Sun
Survived battling a bloodlusted Meta Knight in a battle that brought down the Halberd
Taught Callie and Marie how to speak English
Battled Utsuho Reiuji when she was a hell raven
Defeated a Foot Clan member, who are all master ninjas and martial artists
Battled Exdeath
Fought Mic
:icongalacticattorney:GalacticAttorney 14 3
Green Arrow Says Death Battle Has Failed This City
Real Name: Oliver Queen 
Occupations: Super Hero, Vigilante, Mayor of Star City, Billionaire, Head of a Major Military Contracting Company/Communication Technologies Company, Florist Owner...
Affiliations: Justice League, Justice League United, The Outsiders, and Team Arrow among other things 
Height: 5'11" 
Weight: 195 lbs 
-Survived being stranded on an island with dangerous drug lords and mercenaries for over five years
-Started a crime crusade in his hometown of Star City 
-Proved to be a useful member of the Justice League 
-Traveled across the country with Hal Jordan to fight super villains and solve social and political problems 
 *Best bromance in comics Yummy 
-Has battled various super-powered foes and has come out on top 
-Has defeated fellow expert archer Merlyn on several occasions 
-Defeated Mirror Mast
:iconbatkong40:batkong40 42 42
Samurai Jack is Back in Death Battle!

Samurai Jack
Age: 30s
First Appearance: Samurai Jack

-Travelled the world as a child and learned skills to combat Aku
-The first time he confronted Aku, he almost killed him
-With some planning, destroyed an entire army of robot bugs to protect sentient dogs
-Has defeated entire armies of robots, aliens, monsters, and bounty hunters on a daily basis
-Has rescued and defended innocents from Aku, invaders, and other villains
-Defeated a robot ninja who hid in the darkness by hiding in light
-While blindfolded, took down three archers who destroyed an army of robot vikings 
-Destroyed eight robots made of adamantium
-Fought on par with the Scotsman, edging out via tactics and smarts
-When captured and forced to fight as a gladiator, he defeated all the champions and freed the prisoners
-Helped Spartans defeat a horde of robotic minotaurs
-Defeated several famous and ski
:icondynamo1212:Dynamo1212 55 39
Mature content
Hank J. Wimbleton Slaughters DEATH BATTLE! :iconmemelordfax:MemelordFax 10 3
MAGGOTS! The Soldier snaps Death Battle's neck!

The Soldier:
-First Appearance: Team Fortress 2 (2007)
-Real Name: Mister Jane Doe
-Height: 5'01''
-Weight: 235 lbs
-Age: 30-40
-Occupation: Mercenary, Soldier, Tour Guide (Former), Lawyer (Albeit a terrible one)

-One of the three Offensive classes in Team Fortress 2, the others going to Scout and Pyro
-After being denied from every branch of the military during World War 2, went to Europe himself and went on a Nazi-slaughtering massacre, with no knowledge the war ended years ago
-Was the former roomate to the powerful wizard Merasmus, and even got his castle foreclosed
-With the assistance of Scout, Spy, and a nameless child, defeated Ol' Nick, an evil version of Saint Nick that abducts and kills children
-In Meet the Soldier, took down a good majority of the BLU Team without the help from his fellow teammates
-After the RED Team was momentarily disbanded, bec
:iconmr-nooblette:Mr-Nooblette 15 0
Magica De Spell bewtiches Death Battle!
Magica De Spell
First Appearance: The Midas Touch (Scrooge McDuck comic) December, 1961. 
Occupation: Witch
Affiliation: Sorcerer's Anonymous

Likes: Magical artifacts, out smarting and tormenting Scrooge McDuck, creepy old houses, her pet raven "Ratface", wealth, and power, and popcorn


- Has stolen Scrooge' Lucky Dime and even his entire fortune on many occasions
- Flung Scrooge into the future, afterwards she took over his entire enterprise, his fortune, and his lucky dime

- Vanished her family to a magical nether realm because they annoyed her
- Is good friends with "Madam Mim" from Disney's the sword and the stone, whom she's gone on many adventures with
- Has teamed up with (and manipulat
:icondoctormoodb:DoctorMooDB 21 45
Corvo Attano is here to strike
"Let's see which one of us the Outsider saves." Daud to Corvo

Corvo Attano of Dishonored
Alias: Death, Master Assassin, Lord Protector to the Emperss

Age: + 30s

Height: 6'0 (approximately)
Weight: 200 lbs
Occupation: Former Lord Protector, Assassin for Empress Kaldwin loyalists, Vigilante, Serial Killer
Appearances: Dishonored, Dishonored 2


- Chosen by the outsider
- Stealthily infiltrated the city of Dunwall multiple times, and took down a rebellion swiftly
- Defeated Daud, who also had similar powers and an army of his own assassins
- Defeated Granny Rags, a powerful witch like old woman
- May possibly have done everything above without ever killing anyone or being seen
- Seems to be still alive to this day

Physicality and other Skills
- Can fi
:iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 22 11
Composite! Cranky Kong kicks it old school in DB!

Cranky Kong
First Appearance: Donkey Kong (1981)
Also known as: Donkey Kong
Age: Unknown (40+ years)
Circus Animal, Bank Teller/Accountant (NES Open Tournament Golf), Village Chief, Chemist, Merchant, Monkey Museum Curator, Baseball player
Classification: Ape
Affiliation: Kong Family, Kong Cardinals (Baseball team), 
Dancer and the thunderbolts (Band), Jungle Jam Executive Committee
Likes: The old days of video games, Money/Coins, Wrinkly Kong, Singing and Dancing, Kidnapping Pauline, Pretty girls, staying one step ahead of Mario, Playing Pranks, Playing Pool, relaxing, his son DK. jr, and Bananas

Theme Song:


As the original Donkey Kong:
- Kidnap Pauline and did battle with Mario in the original "Donkey Kong" arcade game in 1981
- Later did so again in Donkey Kong 1994, this time leading Mario on a chase all
:icondoctormoodb:DoctorMooDB 14 12
Prelude: New Writers On The Block

Chris: DeviantArt is home to many users like the three going against each other today. These three are the "New Kids On The Block" to many other writers, but they have shown said other writers to not underestimate them. Especially when it comes to combat!
EmeraldWarrior0655, The Texas Ranger
Draco Sparda, The Grandson of Sparda
SpyKrueger, Wielder of the Persona: Artemis
I'm Chris and it’s my job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win…
Note: Due to the length of the prelude I won't be adding any commentary to it! Sorry! Expect commentary on the next prelude I post.

Real Name: Chris&
:iconemeraldwarrior0655:EmeraldWarrior0655 5 58
Shovel Knight Strikes the Earth in DEATH BATTLE!

AKA: The Blue Burrower, The Ghost of Shovels, Butt Butt
Height: Approximately 4'6"
Weight: Approximately 100 lbs
Occupation: Adventurer, Farmer
First Appearance: Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope (2014)
-Along with Shield Knight, became regarded as one of the greatest heroes of the land
-Dueled against Black Knight multiple times, and won in all of their encounters
    -During their third encounter, Black Knight had his power amped by the Enchantress
-Defeated every member of the Order of No Quarter
    -Would later fight all of them back to back, and emerge victorious
-Bested all four of the Wandering Travelers
-Defeated the Enchantress, and freed Shield Knight from her possession
-Alongside Shield Knight, defeated the Remnant of Fate
-Crossed paths with Kratos, before defeating him
-Bested all three of the Battletoads in combat
-Can casually shatter skulls
-Can break through walls of brick and stone with
:iconspidermang10:Spidermang10 36 30
Scott Lang shrinks down for DEATH BATTLE!

Scott Lang (Ant-Man)
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 190 lbs
First Appearance: Avengers #181 
-The second person to take on the persona of Ant-Man
-Broke into Hank Pym's house and stole the Ant-Man suit in order to save his daughter
-Broke into Iron-Man's house
-Was the first person to truly figure out how Pym Particles work
-Was hired by Tony Stark on a few occassions
-Saved Tony Stark's life
-Fought the Dire Wraiths alongside The Thing, ROM, and Brandy Clark
-Defeated Taskmaster with Hawkeye
-Alongside Wasp, defeated Absorbing Man and Titania while pushing back an invasion on the Avengers Mansion from the Masters of Evil
-Has been a member of the Avengers and the Defenders
-Soon ended up being the owner of the Future Foundation after Reed Richards needed to retire
-Alongside She-Hulk, Darla Deering, and Medusa, became the New Fantastic Four
-Beat Doctor Doom

-Can be
:iconmr-pepsi-and-pizza:Mr-Pepsi-and-Pizza 24 9
Ray Palmer is the Atom for DEATH BATTLE!

Raymond Palmer (The Atom)
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 180 lbs
First Appearance: Showcase #34 - The Birth of the Atom! / Battle of the Tiny Titans!
-A Physics Graduate at Ivy University
-Was able to use a fragment of a White Dwarf Star to make a lens that would shrink objects
-Saved himself and his friends from being trapped in a cave
-Became the superhero known as The Atom to protect Ivy Town
-Allied with the CIA
-Was found worthy of an Indigo Lantern Ring of compassion
-Has teamed up with Hawkman on multiple occassions
-Has stopped many criminal acts in his days
-Traveled through time
-Ended up becoming a rebel against the Katarthan people
    -An alien race of tiny people in the jungles
-Was made a Rebel Leader in the Katarthans
-Lead the Rebel Invasion of a Katarthan City
-Is a Member of the Justice League
-For a brief amount of time joined the Suicide Squad
-A good portion of Atom's physicality is while he is
:iconmr-pepsi-and-pizza:Mr-Pepsi-and-Pizza 19 2
It's Game Time! Travis Touchdown Slices In!

Travis Touchdown
AKA: The Crownless King, The No More Hero.

Age: 27 in the first game, 30 in the second.

Height: 6'0"
Weight: Atleast 170 lbs.

Species: Human.

Occupation: Professional Assassin.
Attack Potency: Should be around the Multi City Block range.

"Pain in my ass, why aren't you dead yet?"

Became the #1 Ranked Assassin twice.
*However in the first game, he relinquished gaining him the nickname "The No More Hero." and "The Crownless King."
**But he has earned it again after killing Jasper Batt. Jr.
Somehow bought a Beam Katana on the internet.
On his first outing as an assassin, killed a drifter by the name of Helter Skelter.
*And his younger brother, Skelter Helter.
Self taught a fighting style which consists of watching correspondence tapes and mimicking wrestling moves.
Has slain nu
:icongrinderkiller1:grinderkiller1 38 40
Spiderwoman spider-bites DEATH BATTLE!

Jessica Drew (Spiderwoman)
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 130
First Appearance: Marvel Spotlight #32 - Dark Destinies
-The most iconic person to take the title of Spiderwoman
-Over the course of her run fought many villains
-At a young age was injected with an experimental serum to save her life from poisoning.
-Was captured and brainwashed to become an agent of Hydra
-While brainwashed was sent to take down The Thing (Ben Grimms)
-Fought against magical elements alongside The Thing and Modred the Mystic
-Ended up becoming a Superhero in Las Angeles
-Later became a bounty hunter
-Even later, moved to San Francisco and became a Private Investigator
-Was a member of Hydra (Brainwashed), S.H.I.E.L.D, S.W.O.R.D, and the Avengers
-One of the people to fight during the massive Spider-Verse event
-Eventually became a Mother in her recent series
-Helped reform Roger Gocking, making him into a superhero as well
-Even when she was pregnant, still kept o
:iconmr-pepsi-and-pizza:Mr-Pepsi-and-Pizza 26 5
The dynamic duo Jak and Dax are jack in Eco for DB

Name: Jak
Birth name: Mar
Race: Human (with long ears)
Age: 19
Height: 5' 10
Weight: 83.9
Gender: Male
Name: Daxter
Race: Ottsel (once human)
Age: 19
Height: 2' 10
Weight: 21.7
Gender: Male

* Feats...:
- Went through many adventures, went through time and saving the days multiple time.
- Daxter survive being expose to Dark Eco and became a Ottsel.
- Defeat the giant Klaww.
- Save the sages and beat Samos and Keira in their modified Precursor robot.
- In "Daxter", Dax spend years trying to find Jak by himself and fought off Metal Bugs.
- Dax defeated Kaeden, leader of the Metal Bug, then found Jak and free him.
- In Jak 2, fought off both Krimzon Guards, Metal heads and KG Death Bots.
- Daxter was able to re-directed a missle by riding on it and control it.
- Obtain and control the p
:icondarth-drago:Darth-Drago 31 12



97 deviations
Okay, I have a question for my watchers. Does anyone remember a series called Oishi Highschool Battle?
Draco vs Magica de Spell by FEVG620
Connections? What are those!?: Draco Sparda vs Magica De Spell

Now, all of my fights in order!

Megas Xlr Vs Big O By Volts48 Daqlkxc By Dracospar by DracoSparda26
Do You Dig Giant Robots?: Megas XLR vs Big O

Doomguy Vs The Red Team By Dynamo1212-dahkf82 by DracoSparda26
The Professionals Of What They Do: Doomguy vs the TF2 Mercs

Scratch and Grounder vs The Elite Trio by Mr-Pepsi-and-Pizza
The Most Incompetent Minions EVER!: Scratcher and Grounder vs The Elite Trio

Incineroar vs Little Mac by TendoTheGamer
Wrestling vs Boxing, Animal against Human: Incineroar vs Little Mac

Terry vs Blaziken by TendoTheGamer
The Hottest Brawl Ever!: Terry Bogard vs Blaziken

Pain by DeathBattleDino
Good vs Evil, Magic vs Brute Force: Ganondorf vs Saitama

Also, I remember claiming Link vs Dante...And I forgot the TN.


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